St. Lukes Hospital

St. Luke’s Medical Center

St Luke's Medical Center Hospital

Address: 279 E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard
Quezon City, 1112 Philippines
All departments: (632) 723-0101
(632) 723-0301
Fax Number: (632) 723-1199
Emergency Room: (632) 725-2328

Healthcare Services

Empowering the 21st Century Patient with Information

St. Luke’s believes that the road to optimum health and quick recovery begins with a well-informed patient. Access information on various health issues through Medline Plus. A health dictionary, pharmaceutical information, medical encyclopedia and more are available at your fingertips.

Medical Institutes

Cancer Institute

Heart Institute

International Eye Institute

Institute of Digestive and Liver Diseases

Institute of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Institute of Pathology

Institute of Pediatrics and Child Health

Institute of Pulmonary Medicine

Institute of Radiology

International Institute for Neurosciences

Medical Centers

Aesthetic Surgery Center

Blood and Marrow Transplant Center

Breast Center

Center for Joint Replacement Surgery (CJRS)

Center for Liver Diseases

Center for Renal Diseases and Transplant Services

Complex Wound Care Center

Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center

Comprehensive Pelvic Floor Center

Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center

Dermatology Center

Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrine Center

Geriatric Center

Memory Center

Movement Disorders Center

Neurodevelopmental Center

Weight Management Center

Pain Management Center

Positron Emission Tomography Center (PET)

Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology Center

Stone and Prostate Treatment Center

Vision Laser Center

Voice, Swallowing and Sinus Center

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