Bioenergetic Therapy – Bioenergetic Healing Medicine

Bioenergetic Healing Medicine
Bioenergetic Healing Medicine

Bioenergetic medicine views people and animals as energetic beings. It is the evolving science of today that uses instruments like the Phazx Body Scan to energetically test up to 10,000 of your body stressors. Bioenergetic medicine is based on Einstein’s principals, Chinese acupuncture philosophy, and Spiritualist understandings that assert energy is the source creating body functions. Bioenergetic medicine disagrees with the Western allopathic medicine that asserts that chemical reactions are the cause of the body functioning. To Bioenergetic medicine practitioners, chemical reactions are secondary and take place because of energy.

Bioenergetic medicine uses twenty Chinese meridian systems to measure your body’s flow of energy and communication. The Body Scan is a $28,000 voltmeter that measures flow and resistance of all your body cells in addition to meridians. Simply said a vibration of say bacteria is energetically sent through you, and you light up and send the computer a message that there is no stress, no resistance, no problem, or you short circuit and say you are stressed and need help. When a bottle of homeopathy with light imprints helping you strengthen against bacteria is given to you, you light up and flow. Remedies are tested and known to energetically work before you take them or leave the session…

Bioenergetic medicine testing with the Body Scan takes ten minutes to analyze 5,000 stressors and is noninvasive. Allergies can in tested in seconds. Those causing anaphylactic shock don’t give the body any symptoms. With Bioenergetic medicine your body can tell us what level, the physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual is important to work on and the effect. As an example using Bioenergetic medicine concepts, your body can be asked how much stress any disease is and how much that will be reduced by using homeopathy, doing emotional homework or spiritual connecting etc.

Bioenergetic medicine is paving the way of the future. It can be used to assist doctors in every way especially testing chemicals before allergic responses happen or side effects!

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